# Costflow CLI

# Install

npm install -g costflow-cli

# Usage


All the input should follow Costflow Syntax.

# Config

Your config file will be generated when you run costflow first time, the name is .costflow.json and located in your home directory. Your should update it before you start.

The config fields are same as Costflow Syntax, except a new field name filePath. The filePath is the ledger file path you want Costflow CLI to save the output.

The filePath can contain a dynamic date format, the dynamic part should between two %. Here are some variable you can use.

Variable Description Output
YY Two-digit year 19
YYYY Four-digit year 2019
M The month, beginning at 1 1-12
MM The month, 2-digits 01-12
MMM The abbreviated month name Jan-Dec
MMMM The full month name January-December
D The day of the month 1-31
DD The day of the month, 2-digits 01-31

For example, if the filePath is /Users/leplay/beancount/%YYYY/MM%.bean and the posting date is 2019-09-18, the output will be saved to /Users/leplay/beancount/2019/09.bean.

# Open Source